World Class and Peak Cycle Workout Sessions

Have you ever wondered what it feels like cycling like a pro indoors? Everyone who prioritizes fitness wouldn’t waste time to jump on this offer. Studio 21 @ Ruston Cycle is out to recreate your usual cycling experience.

Our fitness studio prioritizes the interests of new and existing cyclists. You don’t need to be outdoors to develop that perfect body structure and fitness. We understand this and go far and beyond to recreate your cycling experience indoors. We make cycling an activity you can’t resist – an exercise that strengthens your muscles and puts you on top of your fitness game.

Studio 21 @ Ruston Cycle is a boutique fitness studio where many cyclists in Ruston, LA come for intense sessions. Our cycling sessions don’t just help you burn calories faster and build achieve fitness goals, but also make you a better cyclist out there. We make you understand how outdoor cycling differs from cycling and let you enjoy the full benefits of cycling.